Welcome traveller! This space is the result of things learned througout years, not only in retail but in general. Evidently it will focus on retail – luxury retail to be more specific. It shall help Boutique Managers to better do their jobs – to manage clients, teams & turnover as very often HQ’s by givie by […]

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Process Communication Model

Taibi Kahler is terrific a psychologist guy, who started with Transactional Analysis  and added some other concepts to it, which resulted in the PCM (Process Communication Model), which is may be one reason why PCM sounds quite close to TA, but has a different angle to it – may be it is more simplified, as […]

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To whom are you talking to?

To whom are you talking to? Besides the two cognitive systems we just saw previously – Daniel Kahnemann’s book really should be read by anyone in sales, we also have an entire set of psychological explanations on what communication is and how it works – an elemantary of which is the preferences of each of […]

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Communicating – at the base

Communicating – at the base We all have certain habits of seeing things and our brains learned to interprete exterior impulses in specific ways. – A nice example to illustrate this is art: Can you imagine the shock of the public when they first saw the painting “impression, soleil levant” from Claude Monet in 1874? […]

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Relationships aka CRM

Don’t mix relationship building with CRM, related? – yes; the same? – certainly not. CRM what it is and what it is not. Today no company can survive without efficient CRM mechanisms – yet every boutique will die, if CRM mechanisms are implemented and used as they come, usually. CRM has various sets of mechanisms […]

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Service really, really matters

Customer centricity, customer focus, service, deliver experiences, … yes, ok. But how? First of all, it is the people, again – you say, yes again and only them. To identify colleagues with the right attitude for your business, matching the brands philosophy has been mentioned here quite often and many times. Let me today remind […]

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People really matter

The most important asset of your operation are your people – believe it or not. Unfortunately not everyone thinks like this and thus I feel the urge to explain myself – again. Your product is interchangeable. Fully. There is no difference between the benefit of an LV-bag and a Gucci bag, there is only a […]

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KPIs – Share of repeaters

Your share of locals is quite comparable to your share of repeaters as a matter of fact – at least somewhat… There are factors like the overall brand desirability and coolness factor making customers come back, there especially in fashion is the need to go with it and to constantly change your look in these […]

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How to increase the Share of Locals

Your local customers are the backbone of your operation and even though you might heavily rely on tourists in your success, do not forget them. Some years ago due to SARS a wicked desease causing the death of many people, international travel dropped to almost zero, during several months. The same happened in the weeks […]

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KPIs – Discount

If you are in a company where you do not grant discounts at all – bless you and skip it. For the rest of you it might come in handy to understand discounts and howt to limit them. Again here I give only the management side of it the content on actually how to limit […]

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