Welcome traveller!

This space is the result of things learned througout years, not only in retail but in general. Evidently it will focus on retail – luxury retail to be more specific.

It shall help Boutique Managers to better do their jobs – to manage clients, teams & turnover as very often HQ’s by givie by far not enough tools and information to fulfill the tasks require.

It also shall help to open the eyes of the raising number of technocrates and junior project managers, who think retail management is theory and no store experience is needed.

Last not least this space addresses the interested top management, so that these people may get a notion of the reality in their businesses before letting themselves being wrapped up by the theoreticians they tend to hire.

What is Retail Management and what is it not?


Retail Management is all about people management – the product and the brand universe are managed elsewhere.


Boutiques, the more luxurious the product, are not always part of retail as sometimes they carry only the brand image and do not necessite high turnovers and profitabilities as operative limitations suggest.


There are with very few exceptions – are always more then one distribution channel and full vertical integration and this is where trouble starts …


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