boutique turnover

To start with let’s have a look on how turnover in boutiques are generated – and no it is not just give a product and cash it in, unless you are a luxury “supermarket” like Louis Vuitton with an incredibly high desirability over decades, a brand en vogue like GUCCI in 2018 or else…

For the less blessed ones reality is different, we mortal ones have to consistently follow many, often little, but important steps leading us towards release.

screenshot 2019-01-11 16.40.31

Life in a Boutique consists of three things: pleasing HQ (they think they pay the bill), pleasing customers (they actually pay the bill) and making money (someone has to…) and the more these three objectives are overlapping the easier it gets and the more fun it is.

The circle of influence

Having said this – never overstep the boundaries given by your circle of influence, in a Boutique as obvious it might be you only have a limited influence on the operation – the rest has to come from other parties. The dangerous thing on the motivation of a boutique manager is, he running with a seeing eye from fail to fail, because of shorteyed HQs or cover-my-ass-activities implied by the hierarchy.

Inside the circle of influence we find everything we control – the more we leave the center – the less we can exercise control on an action, a situation, an event, a product, a way of communication, etc. I believe you get the message.

In other words – I am concerned by the peace in the world. Can I control it? – Barely, thus the peace of the world even though highly desired will not appear inside the circle of influence.

On the otherhand what I will have for breakfast will appear there as I am in full control.

Got it?




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