Performance Management – how structured work eases your life

Once, having your SWOT ready the question arises, what the hack you can do with this thingi in daily life.

And there are several ways of looking at it and and on using it: one is particularerily fancy – it serves to cover your ass!

How so? Easy – Once in a while your boss asks you for some adhoc work – phoning campaigns, action plans, event ideas, … normally panic attacks from the HQ have one thing in common – they are not at all logic and only rarely really suitable to YOUR actual situation at that very moment, but reflect activism, sometimes helpful, often annoying.

And here your qualitative SWOT kicks in. If you did this analysis right, and only then, it will immediately frame your upcoming activities as a logical, consistent and effective next step of your operation. Two prerequisites though are indispensible beforehand.

1.) Have your team on board – (they should analize as well and will, depending to the quality of your management, be happily sharing their visions and ideas, or not – under those circumstances you anyhow have a bigger issue.

2.) Have your boss having agreed to your analysis – this helps you both to be on the same page and you both will have a sustainable foundation to build your activities on.

If the SWOT is good the rest kicks in almost automatically – as you exactly know which low hanging fruits you can harvest and what more longterm and complex projects you will have to build and start doing. And above all you can bend upcoming ad hoc activities into something that really helps you and is more then just “pleasing HQ” for whatever they have invented.

In other words you can base almost all of your KPI-based activities that should be created by you anyhow, agreed on with your manager and executed by you and your team, revised on a monthly basis and recreated from scratch per quarter. The whole activity is called performance management and will get clearer soon…

In short the SWOT gives you a flexible, transparently commnunicated  playground and base to excel together with your team.

As anyhow in a normal boutique you just have four layers of activities where you can work with more or less impact, you better start doing it today.

The four keydrivers for any Boutique, in case you ask yourself, are: team, clients, boutique visual identity and product based activities.

four keydrivers

Every action yu can take as a Boutique Manager has to do with those four keydrivers and following what you do. You will, by definition always, conciously or not affect your KPIs in taking action on one of the keydrivers.

Consequently you are already doing it, yet I am sure only few do it in a structured and logic way. And thia my friends is causing trouble for you, your team, your boss and the company.

Even if you have an excellent relationship with everybody around you – may especially than formalise the analysis and tha activities you plan. – On the long run it saves time, money, nerves and gives you an excellent track record that you can take with you to your next job.

Enjoy. and happy sales!

Little update on this one and just to complete the above mentionned.

Triple A

  • The assessment is done by you and you consider your monthly boutique KPIs, the generic reporting of your HQ and you consider
  • The action taking is done by you and follows the pattern – Target fixing, Action plans, Result follow up
  • The activation is under your responsibility – People management program, CRM program, product offer, Boutique visual identity




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