KPIs – Units Per Transaction

This KPI is most appreciated and tricky if you are a watch or car brand for instance, but even there it is possible…

In fashion jewellry and other industries it is my favourite indicator telling about the capabilities of a sales person. It differs from thos who give the client what he/she wants and those who are able to enchant a visitor to buy a whole look or set.

Accessorize ’til you drop!!

And again it needs to be managed and guided and there are never the less some possibilities to succeed and to manage yourself to success.


Boutique Visual Identity – use your VM as a tool to create an accessorized look, a combination for couples or natural sets of products

Stock Management – ensure a striking selection in your store and be aware of the possibilities at your central stock, also have enough of your bestsellers at hand.

Team Management:

  • Target follow up and communication:
    Previous day results announced in the briefing
    Monthly results and next month’s target target announced in monthly meetings
  • One to One:
    Review individual results
    Monthly improverment plans and individual action plan building
    Individual monthly target fixing
  • Training:
    How to not have preconceived ideas about the client’s budget
    Lead the sales with spontaneous proposals
    Create cross selling propositions in the team and try them out
    Include the entourage of the client – why not sell to them as well, at least during a visit
    Include smaller accessories and create looks
    Don’t forget to present a new product to an After Sales Customer
    NEVER stop selling until the customer stops buying
  • Coaching:
    On crossselling
  • Roleplays:
    On crosselling
  • Challenge:
    Organise a small contest on who is best…


  • Continuosly contact customers for new products, limited editions or spontaneously
  • Activate localm and personal networks


  • Mystery shop your competition to learn about best and worst practices


Enjoy and happy sales!

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