To whom are you talking to?

To whom are you talking to?

Besides the two cognitive systems we just saw previously – Daniel Kahnemann’s book really should be read by anyone in sales, we also have an entire set of psychological explanations on what communication is and how it works – an elemantary of which is the preferences of each of us to think with either the left ot the right half of the brain.

This is neither bad nor good and of course not exclusive it just tells you that in certain circumstances a human brain trends towards a specific way of operating and being sure there are more regions relevant than just the right or the left half of the brain one might dig deeper into psychology – there is a lot to read and learn there.

The theory of the left and the right brain basically tells you that some habits of thinking and acting are more easy for ones than others – to which degree you can find out with a huge number of tests on the internet – just watch out for credible sources.

If you want to really deepdive into the selfunderstanding on how your brain functions do not hesitate to find a CERTIFIED coach or organisation and do some of the tests –

MBTI and Emergenetics may serve as two exemples here.

However for our journey to kitchen psychology the following might be fully sufficient:

Left brain / right brain

Screenshot 2018-02-11 13.20.34.png


People who are naturally more relying to their left brain tend to the following behaviour / interest / thinking mechanism:

Verbal, Analytical
Parts, detail
Logical, rational
Sequential, successive
Systematic, directed
Cautious, Linear
Factual, words
Abstract, symbolic
Digital, Rational
Convergent, Propositional
Yang, Masculine

Whereas people who are naturally more relying to their right brain tend to the following:

Synthetic, relational
Wholes, big picture
Intuitive, creative
Random, simultaneous
Casual, free
Adventuresome, Holistic
Visual, colors
Sensory, concrete
Spatial, analogue
Emotional, Divergent
Imaginative, Subjective
Yin, Feminine

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Has been developed to interprete and visualize the conceptual theory proposed by C.G. Jung who devided the humans experience of the world into four principal psychological functions:

– Sensation
– Intuition
– Feeling
– Thinking

Every person having a dominant psychological function for most of the time is the reasoning behind C.G. Jung’s findings and today this is discussed as controversially as any psychological test there is, but, hey, it is a good first indicator…

Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers developed a test to classify the dominant side of a human and to help to classify preferences in the way a human construes his experiences and these preferences underlie to interests, needs, values and motivation.

Bild 20.09.19 um 13.36

Hold on a minute and think about you and your family/partner – is (s)he more of a left or a right brainer and why?

What about yourself – what half of your brain seems more natural easy for you to use and why?

Where on the above matrix do find yourself?

May be it could be quite helpful for you in daily management to be aware of the existence of the various behaviours and triggers of your team. So that you can adapt the way you communicate in order to not only get heard, but in a way to have your message reching the recipient as easy as possible and to make your message a desired piece of helpful information being retained, considered, thought through and applied accordingly.

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