ceremony /ˈsɛriməni/

Selling Ceremony – what a nauseous word!

As you do not sell, there cannot be a selling ceremony. The definition of ceremony reads as follows:


  1. a formal religious or public occasion, especially one celebrating a particular event, achievement, or anniversary. “the winners were presented with their prizes at a special ceremony”
  2. the ritual observances and procedures required or performed at grand and formal occasions. “the new Queen was proclaimed with due ceremony”

Are you really doing this in your daily business? – No wonder nothing works!
Ceremony is about rituals and formalities.
As of today you should forget this and replace any ceremony with common sense, hospitality, empathy and sales techniques.

Certainly you will have an objective, when a person enters the premises and this always should be to help that very person to fullfill her dream embodied in a product you are able to propose.

To do so it is very simple:

Be yourself.
Be empathetic.
Be open.
Be friendly.
Be interested.
Be professional.
Be anticipative.
Be relentless.
Be winning.

To be yourself is important because, hiding your authentic self, a person you talk to sooner or later will find out that you are playing a role – bonding connecting and creating relationships will be almost impossible – so be authentic. Be yourself.

To be empathetic is important, because in putting yourself into the shoes of a person means you demonstrate and proove an endemic interest in this very person, her motivation, her fears, her joy and on these strong emotions a profound relationship can be founded. Be empathetic.

To be open is key, because in openening your mind, spirit and personality towards another person, you demonstrate your interest in connecting with her and allow to be “read”, in other words you give trust to gain trust. Trust being a basic feeling you need to be able to connect and bond. Be open.

To be friendly to a person is important, because in being friendly you demonstrate you have manners, are educated and in short are not a moron or cavetroll. Authenticity, empathy and openness without friendlyness is an empty shell and won’t help to even create a conversation. Be friendly.

To be interested in a person means wanting to know about her, getting to know her and understanding her completely, which is what you need to be able to respond to needs and wishes when creating loyal customers. Be interested.

To be professional is important, because despite all wished personal connection you may establish, you want to keep the relationship on a level stating that you are foremost acting as a representative of the brand you work for. You have to follow certain codes and to display a certain attitude without which your interacting touches a too “buddystyled” level. Never forget, you are not here to make friends but to establish relationships between the maison and the visitor through you as a catalyst. Be professional.

To anticipate is important because based on what you learn about the person, you can help her find the right thing to fullfill her need at a specific moment in time in a personal yet professional way. To anticipate without knowing is guessing. To anticipate with knowing is an artform. To be able to do so you need to know the person and to emphatise with her. Be anticipative.

It is important to be relentless, because there lays your turnover. At the end of the day you need to invoice – except if you work in a museum. So all the acquired knowledge about the dreams and wishes of a person cumulate in the moment, where the right item(s) are to be decided on. Now be relentless and close the deal – it feeds you, your family, your company and at the end it emotionally feeds your customer. Do not let them go away without a decision or at least a concrete step towards a future decision. Be relentless.

It is important to be winning in several senses of the word. Foremost to win is fun for your ego – you win when you invoice. Then you win a customer for a lifetime when your ability to connect, to bond, to create relationships, to emphatise and to fulfill dreams are clearly visible to the person you deal with. This final victory is the basis for the future of your business. Only if your victory is based on decency and friendliness and only then people come back to you with a feeling of trust, joy and confidence. Be winning.

So now what?

This mix between attitude, objectives and necessary knowledge, if fully embodied within you will make you one of the most performing and in the same time chilled sales persons.

ATTITUDE stands for the way how you do things.
OBJECTIVES are the checkboxes you need to fulfill in order to be successful.
KNOWLEDGE is the intellectual framework you need to succeed.

Your objectives are striking and simple:

Build a relationship
Find out the needs
Close the deal
Create loyality

Your required knowledge is way more critical to acquire as it comprises two dimensions: The pure intellectual knowledge of a fact and the adaption of knowledge so that it is swallowed smoothly by the person you deal with.

•   Know everything there is about your brand
•   Know everything there is about your competitors
•   Know everything there is about possible interests of your customers
•   Know everything there is about sales techniques

Be able to tell stories based on your knowledge, that are striking for every single person, which is by any means the hardest part in interacting with a visitor.

It’s not about what you say – it is about what they hear. Which is one reason why Transactional analysis, PCM and all the other communication models we talked about already are so vital, as as we have leanred flowery message sent to a thinker, who is in an egostate of critical parent will not work.

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