KPIs – Units Per Transaction

This KPI is most appreciated and tricky if you are a watch or car brand for instance, but even there it is possible… In fashion jewellry and other industries it is my favourite indicator telling about the capabilities of a sales person. It differs from thos who give the client what he/she wants and those […]

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KPIs – Average Price

Hi there! I think for this one everything is quite clear – The success here depends on you and you only. The whole KPI is a measurement of your ability to seduce people and this in various ways. Of course also it is again about you managing your team towards excellence. So however you twist […]

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KPIs – Transformation Rate

Let’s continue with the most important and most fun KPI there is -Transformation or conversion rate As much as I hate to say it if this one is bad – it mostly is up to and your team. Whereas bad means underperforming within your peers. Of course there are huge differences between industries and also […]

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KPIs – Traffic

Let’s start with the most difficult – traffic Traffic largely depends on criteria you do not control at all: desirability of the brand desirability of the product place of the boutique socio-cultural and socio-economic factors Remembering the circle of influence – which one of the above do you control? – precisely: none. Hands on Boutique […]

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The retail equation

The last time we talked about why you should love your KPIs, what KPIs in retail exist or at least should exist and what they stand for. Today I want to emphasize on the need of truly understanding them – besides the fact that they are elementary for your turnover they also are undispensible for […]

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boutique turnover

To start with let’s have a look on how turnover in boutiques are generated – and no it is not just give a product and cash it in, unless you are a luxury “supermarket” like Louis Vuitton with an incredibly high desirability over decades, a brand en vogue like GUCCI in 2018 or else… For […]

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Welcome traveller! This space is the result of things learned througout years, not only in retail but in general. Evidently it will focus on retail – luxury retail to be more specific. It shall help Boutique Managers to better do their jobs – to manage clients, teams & turnover as very often HQ’s by givie by […]

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